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Are you cleaning Safely?


Welcoming a baby into the family is a certainly an exciting time. Cuddling the little precious in your arms as she falls asleep, you know you will do anything to keep her safe from harm. Thus begins an epic battle with the unseen and undesirable forces in your home – germs and bacteria.

But before you scrub down every surface in sight and sterilise all of her things, have you wondered if you are using the right cleaning products?

According to experts, many commercial cleaning products available in the market today contain harsh chemicals that can affect baby’s well being . The products’ vapours and fragrances may irritate baby’s sensitive skin, eyes and airways, and at times result in rashes and eczema1.

With such risks, it is imperative that you select mild and natural products that can perform effectively while being child and environment-friendly, particularly when it comes to cleaning baby’s things such as bottles, utensils and toys.


Ticking all the boxes is the Bottles & Accessories Liquid Cleanser under Tollyjoy’s Little Precious range of baby care products. Its mild vegetable-based formula and ideal pH balance ensures a gentle yet thorough cleaning of all of baby’s items, making them perfectly safe to be used after every wash.

Not only that, the Bottles & Accessories Liquid Cleanser also conforms to the OECD 423 acute oral toxicity test – further proof of its safety and reliability as a cleansing agent.

With Tollyjoy’s Bottles & Accessories Liquid Cleanser, the battle against germs and bacteria has never been more in your favour. So create a safer and cleaner environment for baby today, and watch her grow into a healthy, happy individual!