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Baby Shower Games

Oct 29, 2019

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There are plenty of good reasons to throw a party, but nothing beats celebrating your baby’s imminent arrival with a fun baby shower. If you’re looking for some ideas on what to do, here are some exciting games and activities that will entertain your guests throughout.


Pacifier bobbing

A variation on apple bobbing, you’ll need a large tub filled with water and about 10-15 pacifiers inside. Tie your guests’ hands behind their backs and ask them to fish out as many pacifiers as they can, within a set time frame. It will be wet, so conduct this game outdoors.

Be a baby

Fill up some baby bottles with milk or another drink of choice, and have your guests finish it as quickly as they can through the bottle nipple. The sight of that will surely have your guests breaking out in peals of laughter.

Twister with an added twist

Make Twister even more challenging – and hilarious – by having your guests place filled balloons under their shirts throughout the game. The mum-to-be can relax on the side and enjoy the awkward poses guests must assume when they play.

Diaper mummy

Divide guests into teams of 2. Give each team a toilet roll where 1 team member wraps the other one in a mock diaper. The one wearing the diaper would then need to race to a pre-determined point. The team with the diaper that stays on best wins.