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Back To Work After Maternity Leave

It’s been weeks of blissful time with your baby – from bringing her home, to watching her grow stronger with each passing day. Now, time is fast approaching where you’ll have to leave her side and go back to work. Certainly, it’s an emotional time for any parent. So, what do you do? How will you know if she’s alright if you can’t be there with her all the time?


Professional care

The first thing is to source for a carer you can fully trust and rely on. Many mums are extremely lucky to have grandma who is more than willing to look after their babies. However, if grandparents or trusted family members are unavailable, search and invest in a verified professional who knows what to do. Give them your baby’s schedule and brief them on her habits. Check in at the agreed times throughout the day to put your mind at ease.

Meal times

If you’re breastfeeding, prepare and properly store a day’s worth of milk for your baby every day. This requires some planning as to where and when you’d be able to do that comfortably. Sometimes, you may find yourself having to express milk even at work, so prepare the necessary number of bottles and bring them along with you.

Relax and let go

It’s a natural thing to worry about your baby when she’s not right there beside you. However by planning ahead, you can make the transition a much smoother one. Just remember to relax, let go and focus at work. After all, you are a professional and other people are relying on you to give your best at work, too.