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Be The Master Of Your Time

Jul 22, 2015

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Bringing baby home from the hospital for the first time opens a great new chapter in both yours and hubby’s lives. You can wake up each day to cuddle your little one, play with him or her as you tend to baby’s needs and enjoy the closeness during feeding times. Nonetheless, you will also soon discover that baby adheres to an entirely different clock altogether, which may leave you feeling tired, sleep-deprived and drained. So here are a few handy tips that will not only keep your sanity intact when things start to get tough, but will also save you the time and energy you need, especially if you are a working mummy, too.


Food matters

No matter what, the family has to eat. You can save essential time and energy with simple steps when preparing meals. Instead of waiting until baby wakes up, express milk using a breast pump beforehand (or mix more formula at once) and store it in the refrigerator or bottle warmer, ready for his or her next feed. When cooking for the rest of the family, try cooking a little more and freeze those extra portions for another day. Try stewing or steaming your dishes as these methods of preparation are real time-savers, and most certainly healthier. On the other hand, if you feel particularly drained that day, reserve your energy for other chores and have someone else help you with the meals.


Ready stock

A little planning ahead goes a long way. Try setting up changing stations at various parts of the house and ensure that everything you need is within reach – wet wipes, talcum powder, fresh diapers and so on. That way, wherever you are in the house, you can easily change baby whenever needed without constantly running up and down the stairs to the bedroom. Besides that, always keep baby’s travelling bag complete with all the essential items ready for baby’s next day out. This is so you do not scramble to pack everything at the last minute, or worse, realise that you forgot something halfway and have to turn back to get it.



Instead of trying to do everything at once, perform the household chores bit by bit. Put the laundry in the wash before you go to bed, and hang them up to dry the next day after tending to baby. Immediately rinse used bottles and cutleries instead of leaving them to the end of the day to avoid them piling up. You can also give the bathroom a quick clean while you are in the shower before you head off to work. Most importantly, do what you can and do not stress yourself further by wanting the house to be perfect all the time.


Do it together

One of the best ways to save time and energy is by working together with hubby as a team. If you are tending to baby, hubby could load the dishes into the dishwasher. When daddy is playing with baby, you can take the time to stock up, fold the clothes, catch up with your friends, or do whatever it is that requires your attention. Besides that, you can also place a ‘to-do’ list on the notice board, so that hubby will know exactly what he can help you with, without even asking. Two is certainly better than one, and by working together, you both may even have the energy to have some quality couple time at the end of the day!