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Breastfeeding Baby With Ease

Jul 23, 2015

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As you know, breastfeeding your child has many benefits. Apart from strengthening the bond between mother and the little one, baby is also protected from illness as mother’s milk contains adequate nutrients and antibodies that are essential to his or her development. But how do you ensure baby (and yourself) continue to benefit from breastfeeding when the time has come for you to return to work, or when you are in a public place and baby needs feeding? Do not worry; by planning ahead, you can continue breastfeeding just as easily.


Tollyjoy’s Manual Breast Pump with Feeding Bottle Set

Whether you are at home, at work or at a public place, rest assured that with a breast pump, you can continue providing your baby with the best nutrition – your breast milk. Tollyjoy’s Manual Breast Pump with Feeding Bottle Set is specially designed to help mothers express breast milk with ease. Its contoured shaped funnel allows for a better fit, while the handle is ergonomically designed to enable easy and comfortable pumping actions. In addition, the milk contact parts are made with BPA-free materials to ensure the safety of your child. The pump is extremely light and portable, making it convenient for you to use even when travelling. Available in white and blue.


Electric Breast Pump Set by Tollyjoy

If you prefer, you could also opt for the Battery-operated Breast Pump Set by Tollyjoy. The pump’s motor is designed with nine levels of suction pressure, coupled with dual mode with massage and pumping rhythm. When using the battery-operated pump, it begins with the massage function to help stimulate the breast, followed by rhythmic suction that imitates baby’s suckling. Plus, the diaphragm creates vacuum suction to prevent any backflow of milk should it topple during use. The set comes with a soft breast shield to ensure maximum comfort and a 180ml cup with lid to store milk in. Giving you the choice, the pump can be operated either by using batteries (4 AA size), or by plugging it into a power source through the AC/DC adapter provided.


Tollyjoy’s Cooler Bag

Once milk is expressed, store the feeding bottles in Tollyjoy’s Cooler Bag to keep milk cold all day. Simply freeze the refrigerant brick before use, and with an insulated layer on the inside, the bag can hold 4 bottles of milk and keep them cold for up to 12 hours. Available in black.


Premium Disposable Nursing Pads

Last but not least, do not forget to get nursing pads to prevent staining. Tollyjoy’s Washable Nursing Pads are soft, comfortable and designed to fit snugly and discreetly into any brassiere. The pad’s woven surface is highly absorbent, minimising any discomfort when in use. Besides that, the pads are also available in the disposable version at Tollyjoy. The Premium Disposable Nursing Pads are individually wrapped for added hygiene and designed with contoured markings for a more comfortable fit in a brassiere. Its dual adhesive strips make for a better hold and are an effective choice for nursing mothers. Made from layers of soft cotton and premium polymer gel, the pads help to lock in moisture, ensuring maximum dryness.

Whether you are away from baby, in a public place, travelling, or even at home, breastfeeding is made so much easier and convenient for nursing mothers. So now that you have a plan, head on down to the stores today and start breastfeeding with ease!

About Tollyjoy

Founded in 1971 in Singapore, Tollyjoy Corporation is a company principally involved in the manufacturing and marketing of Baby Care and Mother Care Products under its brands of Tollyjoy and Little Precious. In line with Tollyjoy’s tagline of ‘for the baby you love’, Tollyjoy is committed to setting the high bar in the industry with the safety, durability and reliability of their products.