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Breastfeeding Made Enjoyable


Every parent differs in their opinion on how best to feed baby. But if you’ve chosen to breastfeed, you may just be making the best investment of your life!

The benefits

Highly recommended for at least the first six months, breastfeeding provides a host of benefits to both mom and baby. Not only does breast milk give baby all the essential nutrients and protection she needs to develop healthily; the close physical contact also makes it ideal for you to forge a closer bond with baby.

For moms, breastfeeding helps to speed up the body’s recovery after childbirth, as well as lowers the risks of developing ovarian cancer, breast cancer and rheumatoid arthritis among others. What’s more, breastfeeding is also a very convenient form of nursing, as it is readily available and ‘served’ at just the right temperature.

Enhancing the experience

To help create a more enjoyable breastfeeding experience for you and baby, Tollyjoy has made available a range of must-have products.


Breast pump

If you’ve just started out on your breastfeeding journey, you would certainly need to invest in a high quality breast pump. Tollyjoy provides you with two options – a manual breast pump and a battery-operated one.

If you prefer greater control over how fast milk is expressed, consider Tollyjoy’s Manual Breast Pump with Feeding Bottle Set. It is easy to use and allows you to pump milk directly into the feeding bottle, which is complemented with a cover set and teat. Meanwhile, the Tollyjoy Battery Operated Breast Pump allows you to express milk at a slightly quicker pace with minimal effort, directly into a milk bottle.


Nursing pads

Nursing pads are perhaps the next most important tool you would need at your disposal, and Tollyjoy has just the pads you need for every situation. Its latest Day & Night Disposable Nursing Pads are ideally designed with unique 3D side guards for increased protection from milk leakage. They also incorporate great absorbency polymer gel that seals in moisture to keep you dry all day and all night long – perfect for those long days at the office!

Meanwhile, for family days out, opt for Tollyjoy’s Disposable Nursing Pads of its Little Precious range, which comes in 48 pieces for each pack. These are also designed with great absorbency polymer gel and made from super soft cotton that will keep you comfortable for hours.

Also available as part of the range are Washable Nursing Pads, which are not only soft and comfortable, but also highly absorbent and extremely discreet.


Nursing pillow

If comfort is high on your list, why not go for Tollyjoy’s Nursing Pillow. It is perfectly designed to give you maximum comfort and convenience when feeding. As you relax, baby will too, making feeding time more enjoyable for the both of you.

Storage bags

Another sound investment to consider making is in storage bags for those days out with baby. If you are planning a trip that may keep you outdoors for a good part of the day, Tollyjoy’s Cooler Bag is the solution for you. Specifically designed with a refrigerant brick, it can store a maximum of four milk bottles and keep them cold for up to 12 hours.

Another option to consider for a day out, is Tollyjoy’s Nursery Bag. Practical and spacious, it can store all the nursing equipment you need; and with an array of exciting designs and colours to choose from, you would be hard pressed not to buy them all!


Storage bottles

Tollyjoy also makes going back to work so much more convenient with its Breast Milk Storage Bottles. Made from food Contact Grade material, these high quality storage bottles are completely BPA-free, giving you peace of mind knowing baby can have a safe and healthy feed, even while you are away.


LCD Baby Food and Bottle Warmer

Perfect for busy parents, Tollyjoy’s LCD Baby Food and Bottle Warmer helps to safely warm up stored breastmilk to the ideal temperature. Not only that, it is also designed to conveniently fit bottles of various shapes and sizes. This means that you can just pop in any milk or storage bottle into the LCD Baby Food and Bottle Warmer without having to switch between containers each time.

Focusing on the important things

With these products by Tollyjoy, breastfeeding is made much more fun and enjoyable. The details are safely taken care of, leaving you free to focus on what matters the most – your time with baby.