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Buying Gifts for a Newborn Baby

Mar 19, 2016

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When you are invited to a baby shower, or to your friend’s baby homecoming party, you would immediately think of suitable gifts to bring along with you to congratulate the new mother. But what are some of the essential items that a newborn baby and his or her mother need? Combining some of the essential baby items into a single package, Tollyjoy’s convenient and practical gift set is bound to delight both mum and baby.

Tollyjoy’s Premium Baby Gift Set is an ideal combination of four different products for newborn babies. With this set, baby will be kept comfortable, warm and snug as it comes with a cotton t-shirt, mittens and booties, and a hat. In addition, the set is also complete with a baby towel to keep him or her clean and dry after bath.

The Gift Set is available in four different colours – green, pink, orange and cream, all of which have been designed with different embroidery patterns to make the sets even more fun and attractive.

The Premium Gift Set is a practical and fun present for your friend’s baby. You can also be sure that both mum and baby will have fun using the items!