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Parents can look forward to an exciting time watching their new born develop and grow to reach his or her first year. It is a time for many firsts – the first time baby starts to crawl, take the first step and maybe even utter his or her first word(s). This article aims to give [...]
If you are a working mother, or are juggling a lot of things at once, a baby bottle warmer could save you a lot of time to get baby’s next feed at just the right temperature. So if you are looking for one, look no further than Tollyjoy’s LCD Baby Food and Bottle Warmer that [...]
For any parent, grooming baby is quite a fun thing to do. This is when you get to cuddle, touch, talk to and even play with baby as much as you want as you are wiping him or her down or when dressing baby up. Grooming time is also made even better when you have [...]
You are all dressed up in your weekend best - a cool blouse matched with a pair of Capris and comfy sandals. Even baby is dressed in a white cotton outfit with a matching hat, ready for a relaxing stroll around the park and the mall after that. Now, all you need is a trendy [...]
Made from high-quality Food Contact Grade materials, Tollyjoy's Training Cup (2 in 1) with Straw and Cover will delight baby in yet another way. Now baby can practice gripping the soft grip handles on both sides of the cup to bring it up whilst trying to aim the straw correctly into his or her mouth [...]