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Why baby showers? The tradition of organising baby showers for the expectant mother goes back to the ancient times where the local community helps in preparing the parents for parenthood by giving them some items that would help them in the first few months of caring for a new born. They could be in the [...]
The invention of disposable diapers in the years past has proven to be a lifesaver, especially for the busy mum and dad. Convenient and quick, it became an easier task to give baby a quick change, especially when you are on the road, or are out and about. But now that we are becoming more [...]
Page 1Page 2Page 3Page 1 Introduction There are so many stages in a person’s life, progressing from one level to the next. You would remember how exciting it was to graduate from college or university and securing your first job. And from there, moving forward to building your career and on to getting married and [...]
It is normal for a mother who has just given birth to feel a little blue. Apart from missing your baby bump, you may feel sad, anxious, and even weepy at times. Thank goodness, these feelings will naturally go away after a week or so. But what if you’re experiencing these emotions on a more [...]
Page 1Page 2Page 3Page 1 Introduction Caring for your baby and watching him or her develop in both mind and body as the days go by is something truly magical. However, at times, despite baby’s healthy appearance, you may find him or her crying frequently or for a long time, showing signs of distress and [...]