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The day is getting closer where mummy, daddy and the little one will finally be off on that much-deserved holiday. You have got the flight tickets and accommodation booked, itinerary in the bag and passports at the ready. But do you have all the essentials you need to keep baby clean and dry whilst on […]

We all know that spending time with the little precious to get to know him or her and strengthening the bond between parent and child is of the utmost importance. Many studies have shown that the various interactions including loving speech and touch from parents can help a great deal in baby’s development. In addition […]

As you know, breastfeeding your child has many benefits. Apart from strengthening the bond between mother and the little one, baby is also protected from illness as mother’s milk contains adequate nutrients and antibodies that are essential to his or her development. But how do you ensure baby (and yourself) continue to benefit from breastfeeding […]

Talcum powder is useful in keeping baby clean and dry after a nice bath, or diaper change. It also helps give baby that fresh scent you love when cuddling him or her. However, oftentimes, you find that the powder tends to create a dusty environment. This contributes to waste, and more importantly, leads to sensitivity […]

When it comes to matters of the heart, they say little things matter most. It’s the sheer significance of wonderful little things that have formed some of the most precious moments in life. Bath time with your baby would undoubtedly be one of those priceless moments to treasure as it provides the opportunity for you […]