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Comfortable Sleep

Mar 19, 2016

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In the first year of baby’s life, you will notice that he or she will be sleeping a lot, typically between 14 to 17 hours a day. While this may seem like a lot to you, nonetheless, it is essential for baby as he or she is undergoing very rapid development at this stage. As such, you can play your part to help baby sleep better with these baby bedtime products by Tollyjoy.


Baby Pillow

As baby is still very fragile, ensure that baby’s head and neck are adequately supported with a proper pillow for a comfortable night’s sleep, or even for a few hours’ nap. Available in a soothing blue and white, Tollyjoy’s Baby Pillow comes in the traditional rectangular shape.


Baby Bolster

Make baby’s cot even snugger with Tollyjoy’s Baby Bolster. Apart from serving as a cushion or extra support for baby, it also gives baby the added feeling of security when you put him or her down to sleep. The Baby Bolster comes in a light blue and white combination.


Mattress Set

If you are looking for a complete set to complement baby’s cot, look no further than Tollyjoy’s Mattress Set. Available in pink and blue, the Mattress Set includes a mattress, pillow and two bolsters, all of which are filled with a polyester and cotton fibre mix to keep baby cool and comfortable as he or she sleeps.


Mosquito Net

Living in a tropical country can sometimes be inconvenienced by the presence of mosquitoes, flies and other types of pests and insects. Protect baby from bites as he or she is sleeping with Tollyjoy’s Mosquito Net that will keep these bugs away.

With these products from Tollyjoy, you can ensure that baby is kept comfortable throughout the night and enjoys an uninterrupted, quality sleep he or she needs and deserves!