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Keeping Your Breast Milk Cool When You Are Out and About

Mar 20, 2016

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When you are out and about with baby, either running errands or having a relaxing afternoon in the park, you would need to bring along some essential items so that you and baby could stay comfortable and enjoy each other’s company even more. Besides bringing along baby wipes, extra diapers and pacifier, a cooler bag is also a must-have on your trips.

Tollyjoy’s Cooler Bag is ideal in helping you to keep your expressed breast milk cool and fresh whether you are at the office or outside. The Cooler Bag can store up to four bottles of milk and keep them cold for as long as 12 hours, thanks to the refrigerator brick and the bag’s insulated layer. All you would need to do is to freeze the refrigerator brick prior to using it.

The Cooler Bag is available in a classic black, blending in seamlessly with your look and style.

So don’t leave home without this essential carrier to keep baby’s milk fresh until his or her next feed!