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Must Have Tollyjoy Baby Items!

Mar 25, 2016

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  • Congratulations on the birth of your baby! Now begins the most exiting phase of your life – parenthood!
  • Like any new phase, you would need to make ready and adjust to a lot of things to ensure this little new comer is as comfortable and as happy as can be.
  • In most cases, the basic preparations have already been done, such as the installation of the baby’s cot, placing the infant seat in the car, repainting and decorating the nursery and even moving mom-in-law into the guest room to help out in caring for the baby for the first few months.
  • To ensure that you indeed have everything you may ever need, here are further ‘must haves’ of Tollyjoy’s wide range of baby items.


Tollyjoy’s Must Haves

  • Tollyjoy offers high-quality, basic clothing ranges that are all made from soft cotton materials for the comfort of your first-born or your latest addition to the family.
  • The basic range of baby tops, bottoms and sleeper come in different styles for you to choose from.
  • The baby tops range comprises of singlets, short sleeve shirts and long sleeve shirts, whereas baby bottoms comes in shorts, long johns and long pants.
  • As of the moment, the basic sleeper only comes in 1 design.
  • The materials that the clothing range is made from helps in regulating your baby’s temperature. It keeps the baby cool when it is hot and warm when the weather is slightly cooler.
  • Not only that, diaper pants are also available to parents who are more environmentally conscious. These diaper pants are to be used together with gauze napkins and napkin liners. Besides being reusable, Tollyjoy’s diaper pants are a more economical alternative to disposable diapers. These diaper pants are available in white, pink and blue.
  • To wash and help care for your baby’s clothes, Tollyjoy extends its comprehensive must have products to include laundry detergents in both liquid and powder forms.


  • The liquid detergent is formulated with mild plant-based ingredients and infused with anti-bacterial properties that help in preserving the cleanliness and durability of the clothes.
  • The detergent powder, on the other hand, works on a triple-enzyme system that effectively removes stain, while being gentle on baby’s clothes, as well as your hands.
  • Besides that, Tollyjoy also offers an express steam steriliser to help keep the baby bottles clean and ready for use. This steriliser has an additional in-built function that automatically cuts off the power supply to prevent the bottles from overheating.
  • Another type of baby product that any parent should have is the bottle teat.
  • Because different babies have different preferences and abilities in suckling, Tollyjoy offers teats made from silicone that come in different designs and sizes.
  • The most basic silicone teat range comes in either a long or short design and is available in all sizes, beginning from small right up to extra-large. A wide neck design is also available.
  • Next, the X cut teat range comes in a standard and tall length to suit your baby’s preference. Each box comes with 2 X cut teats and a nipple hole puncher.
  • For parents who prefer anti-wind teats, they are available at Tollyjoy in all sizes, from small to extra-large. They also come in 2 teats to a box.
  • All Tollyjoy teats are specially designed to resemble the mother’s nipple to promote natural feeding.