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What Happens To My Body During Pregnancy?

Some mothers sail through pregnancy. Others may not cope so well with all the changes taking place. Whichever group you find yourself in, here are some of the main changes that are happening to your body whilst the little one grows inside.

Hormones galore

If you suffer from morning sickness, know that this is due to all the extra hormones your body is producing to accommodate a growing baby. Although it’s not one of the most enjoyable aspects of being pregnant, nonetheless, know that many doctors perceive morning sickness as a good sign that the placenta is developing well.

Rush of blood

Your body also generates a whole lot more blood and plasma – as much as double the normal amount – from the first few weeks onwards. This is actually good as it helps your baby’s healthy development.

Bigger and wider

If you somehow cannot fit into your favourite skirt or trousers anymore, that’s normal. Your pelvic bones will start to become wider in preparation for the big day. Not only that, your feet may become bigger too, because of all that water retention. But don’t worry. Your feet will be back to their normal size after delivery.

Pregnancy brain

You may find yourself experiencing memory lapses during pregnancy. No one knows what causes this yet. However, it’s important that you keep yourself relaxed, hydrated and well-rested so that you can focus a bit better when you go about your daily activities.