What baby Needs

Nine months may seems a long time for you to get prepared, but the time
can really fly by! If this is your first baby, start preparing early to welcome that bundle of joy...

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What Baby Needs

There are many aspects of preparation for welcoming a new baby. The main thing which most new parents think about when it comes to a new baby is the nursery. However, there is so much more to consider, especially if this is your first child.


Baby Clothing
Buying clothes for a growing baby can be a bit of a challenge for many new parents. Today, parents are spoilt for choice but do look out for garments made from the softest cotton to keep Baby warm when it’s chilly and cool when the weather’s hot.

For a start, your bundle of joy would look great in any of the following:

  • One-piece pyjamas
  • Side snap shirts
  • Baby socks to keep those tiny toes warm
  • Mitten and bootees to prevent scratching – Tollyjoy’s mitten & bootees will help minimize self infliction of
    injuries due to scratching and come in various designs, prints and colours
  • Hip singlet and shorts
  • Pretty dresses edged with frills


Before your due date, you will need to decide if you are going to use cloth napkins (also known as nappies) or diaper pants. Tollyjoy’s waterproof diaper pants are used with gauze napkins and napkin liners, giving you an economical and environmentally-friendly choice for ‘easy-breezy’ Diaper Duty!

Baby Bath Accessories
Don’t forget to get these baby bath accessories ready so you and Baby will have a soothing, stress-free time getting clean!

  • Wash cloth
  • Towels
  • Baby bath, baby shampoo, talcum powder, baby lotion – Soothe and refresh your precious one with
    this complete set
  • Baby tub
  • Q-tips, also known as cotton buds
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton balls – get them in canisters for easy storage in your bathroom and convenient travel packs
    for any emergency
  • Nose cleaner


Grooming Accessories
Every parent loves to show off their healthy little ones. After bath time with Baby, these infant grooming tools are essential for getting your child clean, comfortable and safe from anything sharp that can scratch their delicate skin.

  • Powder puffs for gentle application of talcum powder
  • Brush & comb for those adorable curls
  • Safety scissors for careful grooming
  • Nail clippers
  • Toothbrush set


Baby Feeding Accessories
When it comes to feeding, it’s not only Baby who needs accessories. Mummy needs some too!

Tollyjoy offers a range of breastfeeding supplies including a battery operated breast pump, manual breast pump as well as disposable breast milk storage bag. All designed with your comfort and Baby’s in mind.

For comfort and convenience at home or outside, invest in good nursing bras, nursing pads to minimize leakage, nursing shirts and nursing covers.

Here is a checklist to have on hand during feeding times:

  • Six 4oz & six 8oz bottles – Look out for the ‘BPA-free’ sign on our milk bottles!
  • Bottle cover sets – Tollyjoy’s feeding bottle cover sets consist of cover cap, cover ring and cover disc.
  • Bottle brush – Tollyjoy’s brushes are made of either nylon and/or sponge with long handles for easy
    accessibility to the hard-to-reach bottom of the bottle.
  • Feeding Nipple – Our anti-wind nipple ensures a more regular flow of fluids during feeding and minimizes
    incidences of colic and flatulence, while our cross-cut nipple is suitable for pulpy fluids such as cereal and
    fruit juices.
  • Sterilizer – Tollyjoy’s express sterilizer comes in a modern design that can accommodate up to six 9oz bottles of standard shape with ease.
  • Plastic Tong – Helps you sterilize feeding accessories with ease.
  • Pacifier – Tollyjoy’s baby pacifier comes in several unique shapes resembling mother’s nipple to soothe and
    calm your baby. All parts are made from non-toxic material.
  • Bibs – Made from cotton and/or other synthetic fabric, Tollyjoy’s bibs are designed to give babies complete
    protection against accidental spills and keeping them clean and dry during feeding time.



Bottle Warmer
These modern day inventions make it more convenient for mothers to warm milk for their little ones. The baby bottle warmers prevent your frequent running to the kitchen while feeding your baby. It can also warm up defrosted stored milk. Tollyjoy offers a two-in-one LCD baby food & bottle warmer that can fit feeding bottles of various shapes and sizes and which comes with automatic temperature preservation.

Bed Accessories

  • Blankets – Keep your baby warm with Tollyjoy’s blankets which come in different designs, prints and material.
  • Mosquito Net – Protect your little one against mosquitoes, flies and other insects.
  • Cradle Net – Tollyjoy’s cradle net is designed to imitate the feeling of support and security provided by a
    mother’s womb. It offers a gentle and comforting movement, thus providing baby a natural night’s sleep.
  • Cot Sheets – Made of waterproof material, Tollyjoy’s cot sheets prevent liquid from seeping through and
    soiling the bed sheets.
  • Mattress Set – Tollyjoy’s mattress set consists of a mattress, pillows and bolsters that are filled with a
    polyester/cotton fibre mix to keep baby cool and comfortable throughout their sleep and playtime.



Baby Carries
There will be a number of errands that you will have to do and you may have to take Baby with you wherever you go. The easiest and most cost-effective way of getting around is to place Baby in a baby carrier. Look out for carriers that are sturdy yet lightweight, and distribute weight evenly across your shoulders, hips and lumbar area. Carriers with flexible 3D mesh incorporated will also help disperse heat and moisture, keeping Baby and yourself cool and comfortable at all times.

Baby Traveling Accessories
It is quite natural that you will want to go on an outing with Baby even if it’s just for a visit to Grandma’s house. Nevertheless, you will need to pack all of Baby’s essentials like diapers, clothes, feeding bottles, pacifier, extra mittens and spare bootees. Look out for nursery bags that are lightweight and sturdy, with zip pockets for easy storage and adjustable straps.

Worried that bulky nursery bags may cramp your style? Check out Tollyjoy’s water-resistant, easy-to-clean nursery bags which come in attractive designs and colours. If you’re a breast-feeding mother, work commitments or even regular activities can take you away from Baby during feeding time. Invest in a good breast pump and disposable milk storage bags to safely store expressed milk. What’s more, a milk bottle cooler bag that comes with a refrigerant brick is a great traveling tool. Milk can be kept safely cool for up to 12 hours but is conveniently at hand for a hungry baby.