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Pets and Babies

Pets are wonderful companions who make life just that much brighter. However, now that you are expecting, is it safe to bring up your baby and your beloved buddy in the same house? What do you need to do in preparation for when you bring your baby home?

Manners and discipline

If you’ve been spoiling your pooch or kitty, it’s time to do some training before your baby arrives. Teach your furry friend to sit, stop barking or jumping, or get off the sofa when you need him to. When going for walks, train him to walk according to your pace. That way, he’ll get used to when you’d need to bring both him and your baby out for daily walks around the neighbourhood.

Anxiety and separation

There will be lots of changes happening after your baby comes and you’d need to teach your pet that it’s alright to separate from you for parts of the day. Try installing baby gates or barriers earlier on in your pregnancy – on the stairs, to the kitchen – so that buddy will get used to the idea of relaxing and being by himself whilst you attend to your baby.

Introduce and familiarise pet and baby

Once your baby arrives, slowly introduce her to your pet. Allow buddy to sniff and get used to your baby’s scent. Set aside parts of the day, creating a calm and positive environment where both of them can get used to and know one another. Reward him when he’s obedient and relaxed in your baby’s company so that he will associate baby’s presence with good things.


It can be a bit challenging at first, but with patience and consistency, your pet and baby will soon be the best of friends!