Foetal Development

Congratulations on your pregenancy!
This is the start if a fascinating 9-month journey where you will experience changes
to your body as your baby grows inside you. Here’s what happens…

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Month 3


By the third month, your baby has graduated from being an embryo to being a full-fledged foetus. Facial features continue to develop and your baby begins to look more human every day. The eyelids close at the end of this month and don’t reopen until much later.

Soft nails forms on the fingers and toes and 20 buds that will become baby teeth appear in the gums. Reproductive organs begin to develop, although it may be still early to determine your baby’s gender. Red blood cells are being produced in the liver and the kidneys begin to secrete urine.

With the help of a Doppler (handheld sound-wave stethoscope), you will be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time. By the end of this month, your baby’s head can turn, mouth can open and close, feet can kick, hands can make a tiny fist and your tiny one can make a grimace!

Baby’s Length

3 – 4 inches, a medium-sized potato.

Baby’s Weight

1 ounce.

# Tips for mum:
By the end of the third month, you should be beginning to perk up a bit if you’ve experienced fatigue. Morning sickness and frequent urination should both begin to subside.

  • Take plenty of liquids and fiber foods
  • Wear a firm supporting bra as your breasts may begin to enlarge and your nipples feel more sensitive
  • This is the time to begin investing in babydoll tops and comfortable maxi dresses!
  • Have frequent small meals