Foetal Development

Congratulations on your pregenancy!
This is the start if a fascinating 9-month journey where you will experience changes
to your body as your baby grows inside you. Here’s what happens…

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Month 5


This is a period of tremendous growth for your baby. Hair, eyebrows, eyelashes and teeth begin to form and the face continues to develop. Your baby’s skin is translucent and is covered with fine hair called ‘lanugo’. Muscles continue to grow and Baby is getting stronger every day.

Your baby will now begin to sleep and wake regularly. You’ll notice much more activity with your baby turning from side to side and head over heels.

Since your baby’s hearing is developing, he or she can hear your heart beat and other sounds outside your body. You’ll notice that your baby will now react to loud noises or sudden sounds. Get Daddy to sing close to your tummy or call out a chosen name and Baby may turn towards the sound.

You are now slightly over the halfway mark in your pregnancy!

Baby’s Length

12 inches, the length of a Barbie doll.

Baby’s Weight

1 pound.

# Tips for mum:
This is often an uncomfortable period during pregnancy. Your skin might darken and stretch marks may appear on your abdomen or breasts. Your breasts may begin to produce colostrum. Your gums might bleed and you may have a congested nose. Vaginal discharge may increase during this time as well.

  • Don’t stand or sit for too long; move around frequently
  • Take iron and calcium doses
  • Wear low-heeled shoes to reduce stress on your spine as you’ll be carrying that extra baby weight