Foetal Development

Congratulations on your pregenancy!
This is the start if a fascinating 9-month journey where you will experience changes
to your body as your baby grows inside you. Here’s what happens…

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Month 7


Your baby’s eyes are open fully now and can respond to pain, light and sound. Shine a light towards your tummy and Baby may turn towards it. Baby now has taste buds and is putting on more layers of fat in anticipation of life outside your womb.

Grow and development continue at this stage. If, however, your baby is born now, chances of survival are good although some complications are still possible.

Baby’s Length

15 inches, as long as a stalk of celery.

Baby’s Weight

3 pounds.

# Tips for mum:
As your stomach expands, your navel will begin to stick out. Indigestion or heartburn can be a problem as your growing baby presses on your stomach. Some Mummies-to-be have lower back pain or sciatic pain as their bellies grow larger and their pelvic joints relax in preparation for birthing. Leg cramps may also pose a problem.

  • Avoid wearing anything tight near the waist
  • Take your daily dose of iron and calcium
  • Prepare your breast-feeding box