Foetal Development

Congratulations on your pregenancy!
This is the start if a fascinating 9-month journey where you will experience changes
to your body as your baby grows inside you. Here’s what happens…

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Month 9


In the final month of foetal development, the baby is considered full-term. The fine lanugo is mostly gone and hair on the head has grown.

Your baby is getting ready for birth and is settling into the foetal position with his/her head down against the birth canal, legs tucked into the chest, knees against the nose. The bones of the baby’s head are soft and flexible to ease the process of delivery through the birth canal.

And as much as your baby loves being all warm and protected in your womb, it is now time for your little one to come out and meet the world. You’ll finally meet that precious jewel that you have been carrying and nurturing these past nine months.

# Tips for mum:
By now you will likely be feeling more excited, anxious and apprehensive. You may feel irritable, overly sensitive, restless, and impatient. All of these feelings are normal! Don’t worry – it’s nearly over.

  • Get everything ready for the baby
  • Pack your hospital bag and be prepared to delivery anytime
  • Take your dose of iron and calcium

# Tips for dad:
You’ll play a very important role as your wife prepares to bring a new life into this world. Here’s how you can help:

  • Remind her to exercise regularly
  • Encourage her to relax by giving her a soothing back rub
  • Help in doing some housework, especially back-bending ones like cleaning the floor
  • Be tolerant and understanding when her mood swings. Relieve her anxieties and apprehensions by talking about the wonderful things you’ll do as a family
  • Accompany her to the doctor for routine checkups as well as the ultrasounds to see your unborn baby
  • Don’t be too anxious of her and the baby’s health. Your reassurance and confidence to her is important not only during pregnancy but also during and after birth
  • Remind her how much you love her!