Get Prepared

There are countless things you can get ready for your little one’s first homecoming.
Here’s what you can prepare to make this momentous time smooth and joyful.

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Get Prepared

In preparation for your role as mummy and daddy, you’ve read every book available on parenting; you’ve prepared the nursery and bought all the proper accessories that your child will need. Without a doubt, these are the things that are important in preparation for your little one’s homecoming. However, this is only the beginning of your journey. There are countless other details to help you feel more prepared and ready to welcome that little bundle of joy into your life.


Prepare your kids

If this is not your first pregnancy, then make sure your older children are ready for the baby’s arrival. Reassure your children that you love them no matter what. Get them excited about their upcoming role of importance as a big brother or big sister. Involve them in fun decisions such as choosing baby garments and rearranging the furniture to accommodate a nursery.

Before your due date, have a talk to explain the likely scenarios they might witness as you get ready to deliver. The process of giving birth from the first pangs of labour to the hospital trip can be a confusing and upsetting time if your children are still very young. In additional to your hospital overnight bag, put your children in charge of preparing their own ’emergency’ bag with books to keep them occupied or their favourite soft toy for comfort.

By investing a little time to prepare your older kids, you’ll be rewarded by how protective they will become of the latest addition to the family.


Prepare your pets

1. Your furry friend has been the ‘baby’ of the house and may resent the intrusion of a newcomer. Consider your pet’s temperament and what kinds of measures might be necessary, such as obedience training classes.

2. Larger pets kept in the garden should pose few challenges until your child learns to venture out of the house. Formally introduce your pet to your baby from the start and it will learn to identity this new addition as part of the family to protect.

3. If you have a smaller in-house pet, consider limiting its territory until Baby is a few months old and used to sudden noises such as barking. Some children develop allergies to animal fur, in which case, a visit to the doctor will determine how severe the allergy is and what measures you should take.

Get ready with money

A baby affects your life in so many ways, so it’s important to think about how your financial situation will change. For example, many parents have to absorb considerable extra expenses like diapers, infant formula and daycare. Families can have a reduced income if one parent stays home part-time or full-time to care for the child. Saving up months in advance and implementing a budget will help you stay on track financially.


Buy life insurance

No one likes to think about this but you need to plan to take care of your child if something happens to you. Consider taking up life insurance which insures you for a fixed amount for a given premium. In addition, take into account inflation and currency fluctuation. Your sum insured now may be worth less decades later, so speak to your insurance provider on the best options within your budget.

Prepare a will

If you don’t already have a will, get professional legal help to draft one. Among other things, a will can document your requests for who should care for your child if something should happen to you. If this is not your first child, a will should clearly lay out how you wish to divide your earthly belongings amongst your children and family.

Invest in your child’s future

It’s never too early to begin saving for your child’s education. By starting a college fund now, you’ll be able to set aside less each month than if you were to wait until your child is older. A financial consultant can take a professional look at your financial situation and spending habits and assist to structure a long-term investment plan for your child’s future.


Set a Schedule

Getting ready for baby also involves planning ahead for daily baby care. Think about feeding duty, diapering, bathing and sleeping arrangements. Consider how each of these choices will affect your family dynamics and relationship with your spouse. Talk to other parents and learn how they adjusted their lifestyles when they had children. At the end of the day, looking after a baby is a commitment by both you and your spouse and should not fall on one parent alone.


Get Help

Don’t try to be a superhero. Those first few weeks with Baby are going to be insane. Don’t think that this is something that both of you can or should handle on your own. There will be eager family members or friends who’d willingly lend a hand. Take them up on their offer even if it’s just to do the grocery shopping or pay the bills for you. Any free time you get will certainly help alleviate the craziness surrounding the first few weeks.


Go Shopping

This is something Daddy may want to undertake, considering that Mummy needs all the rest she can get. Go on a spree and stock up on your every day essentials such as toothpaste, soap, shampoo. Don’t forget cleaning supplies as well as baby detergents as you are bound to do a lot of washing.

Don’t be surprised that your baby will need more than one feeding bottle a day. To keep the bottles clean and ready for use, Tollyjoy offers its Accessories & Vegetable Liquid Cleanser for effective removal of milk fats and deposits on baby bottles and feeding teats. The new anti-bacterial formula helps to kill household germs, providing baby with maximum hygiene and cleanliness.

Look out for Tollyjoy’s Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent which is formulated to care for baby’s clothing. Its mild plant based ingredients are effective in removing impurities in clothing while its anti-bacteria and preservation actions ensure baby’s clothes are clean and fresh even when left indoor to dry.


Get the Essentials

This certainly is not the time to procrastinate! Make sure your baby care and mother care essentials are in place before your due date. You need to think about clothing, diapers, feeding equipment, blankets, nursery furniture, changing equipment and general everyday accessories.

All of these are important for your baby, but you’ll be surprised to note that it is the smaller things that most people forget to purchase! You can find out more about ‘What Baby Needs’ here and draw up your own checklist


Be prepared for anything

Be ready to feel clueless! Be prepared to not know what you are doing and feel overwhelmed. Be safe in the knowledge that every parent goes through this whether it’s for their first child or fifth child. Be prepared for the immense love that you will feel for your little one. After all, this is what being a parent is all about!


Child Care

If you and your spouse intend to resume the same work commitments after birth, plan well in advance how Baby will be looked after following Mummy’s confinement period. A nursery or daycare centre located near your home will be the easiest for dropping-off or picking-up around your work schedule.