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What does the Mattress Set consist of?

1 mattress, 1 pillow and 2 bolsters.

What materials are used in your Mattress Set?

We use a cotton fibre and polyester mix of materials to keep your baby cool and comfortable throughout their sleep and playtime.

Does Tollyjoy carry a formula milk powder range?

For now, we focus on providing accessories and disposables for the baby you love and thus do not produce any F&B products.

What sizes and shapes do you have available for your mugs and cups?

Our Tollyjoy training mugs and cups come in a variety of shapes, sizes and usability for your baby. Choose from a brightly-coloured range of cups with straws, spouts, silicone handles, non-spill spout and silicone teats.

Are your feeding accessories BPA-free?

Yes, our feeding accessories such as plate, bowl, fork and spoon are made from Food Contact Grade polypropylene (PP) plastic. BPA is typically found in polycarbonate (PC), not PP plastic.

How does the Heat Sensitive Spoon indicate that the food temperature is too hot?

You can easily tell if the temperature is too hot as the spoon’s coloured portion will fade if food is above 37° Celsius

How should I clean my feeding bottles?

For a more efficient method than the traditional boiler, our Tollyjoy Express Steam Sterilizer can steam-sterilise up to six 9oz standard-shape bottles at a time.

Can children and adults use the Baby Bath, Baby Powder and Baby Lotion?

Yes, our products are formulated with mild ingredients and are suitable for sensitive delicate skin, making them ideal for even children and adults who wish to avoid products containing strong ingredients.

Will the Nose Cleaner hurt my baby’s nose?

No, the tip of the nose cleaner is made of soft silicone and is designed not to hurt your baby.

Can I use the Baby Laundry Detergents on any baby clothes, or only Tollyjoy’s?

Our Baby Laundy Detergents are suitable for cleaning any baby textile items.

What is the difference between the Baby Laundry Powder Detergent and Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent? Any particular use for each of these?

Our powder and liquid detergents have different features that cater to individual needs and preferences.

Is your Toothbrush Set designed to accommodate my child’s teeth growth?

Yes, our Toohbrush Set has 3 types of toothbrushes for different stages of your baby’s oral development.

What happens if the Express Steam Sterlizer overheats? Will this damage the bottles?

Our sterilizers have an automatic power cut-off function that prevents any over-heating from occuring.

Will the Plastic Tong melt when handling bottles in the Steam Sterlizer?

Our sterilizers are designed not to exceed a certain fixed temperature and the tongs are made of high-quality Food Contact Grade plastic.

Do I still have to sterilise the feeding bottles after washing them with the Accessories & Vegetable Liquid Cleanser?

Yes, this will ensure the feeding bottles are properly cleaned for your baby to feed from.

Can I use the Vegetable Liquid Cleanser on normal cutlery and utensils?

Our mildly formulated vegetable liquid cleansers are excellent for removing milk fats and deposits but may not be strong enough to remove other foods such as oily residue.

Should I be worried if my baby bites through the water-filled teether?

Rest assured, the water contained within our baby teethers is sterile and conforms to safety requirements EN71 and ISO 8124.

Are the squeeze toys safe for use during bath time?

Yes, our squeeze toys make fun bath time companions for your baby too!

What material are your baby wear pieces made of?

Apart from buttons and padder shoes, our baby wear pieces are made of soft cotton.

My baby is 5 months old, but the baby wear labelled 0 – 6 months seem too big for him. Do you have smaller sizes?

Tollyjoy baby wear garments are specially designed to be ‘roomy’ and give your baby plenty of space for growth. Choose the age range according to your child’s age and you can wait a while longer before needing to buy larger sizes for your growing tot.

Are your Napkin Liners and Gauze Napkins suitable for infants with skin sensitivities like eczema?

Yes, our Tollyjoy gauze napkins are made of 100% cotton material and are suitable for babies with skin sensitivities.

Do you carry any disposable diapers?

Check out our Diaper pants which are worn over disposable napkins. These are waterproof and an economical and environmentally-friendly alternative to disposables.

Does the LCD Baby Food & Bottle Warmer come with any warranty?

Yes, your warranty is valid for 1 year from date of purchase.

How and where can I get the LCD Baby Food & Bottle Warmer repaired if there is any problem with the product?

Please call the relevant Tollyjoy office or your nearest Tollyjoy distributor who will advise you accordingly.

Will the LCD Baby Food & Bottle Warmer overheat the food or milk, thus destroying the nutritional content?

Our warmer allows you to customise and set the desired temperature between 36° Celsius to 70° Celsius for heating food and milk. The unit automatically stays at temperature preservation after each heating cycle, preventing the food from heating past the pre-set temperature

If I lose or damage one of the pieces in the Baby Food Maker, can I repurchase it separately?

The Baby Food Maker is not available in separate parts. If any parts are damanged, please call the relevant Tollyjoy office or your nearest Tollyjoy distributor who will advise you accordingly.

What is the weight capacity of your nursery bags?

Approximately 2 – 3.5kg depending on the model of nursery bag.

What is the weight capacity for the Baby carriers?

Our Baby carriers can carry up to 10kg in weight. The best gauge for this is how much you as a parent are comfortable carrying.

How many designs do you have for Baby Carrier?

We have 2 designs with different straps that distribute your baby’s weight evenly across your hips, spine and lumbar area.

Is the Cooling Patch meant for single-use or multiple-use?

The Cooling Patch is for single-use for up to 8 hours.

Do your breast pumps come with any warrany?

Yes, your warranty is valid for 1 year from date of purchase.

What kind of batteries do I need for the Battery Operate Breast Pump?

Strong alkaline AA batteries.

How do I use the water-cleaning tube for the Battery Operated Breast Pump?

Kindly refer to the instruction manual provided for directions.

Do I have to purchase the Bottle Cover Set separately to go with Manual Breast Pump?

No, The Manual Breast Pump comes complete with a feeding bottles cover set and teat.

Is it safe to freeze milk in the Breast Milk Storage Bag, or refrigerate only?

The storage bags is ideal for both refrigeration and freezing.

How many times can I re-use the Breast Milk Storage Bag?

The storage bags are disposable and single-use only. This is to ensure optimum hygiene when storing milk for your baby.

Are your Maternity Nursing Pads reusable or disposable?

Our Maternity Nursing Pads are washable and reusable until worn out. A handy option to consider if you have no time fro extra washing is our Disposable Nursing Pads.