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Rock ‘n’ Roll in Baby’s First Steps

Mar 25, 2016

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Watching baby take his or first steps and clumsily trying to walk is one of the best and proudest moments in a parent’s life. Now that baby has reached that stage, it is time for you to get baby a few pairs of comfortable walking shoes to protect baby’s feet as he or she gets better at walking every day.

Tollyjoy’s range of soft and flexible Baby Walking Shoes are ideal for baby to ‘rock and roll’ in, as they are specifically designed with non-slip soles for greater balance and grip.


For baby boys, opt for the sporty designs with different colour combinations such as black, grey and white; blue and white; brown and white; and brown and cream, all with a Velcro finish. Meanwhile, have your baby girl looking dainty and sweet with a pink number, complete with a tiny flower detail on the side.

For more gender-neutral options, consider Tollyjoy’s Baby Walking Shoes in bright orange, or the slip-on pair in white and grey with a bold red stripe running along the sides.

With these brightly coloured shoes, baby will not only be encouraged to walk more, but baby’s feet will also have the proper support and comfort he or she needs at this crucial stage.