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Trendy for a Weekend Stroll

Mar 25, 2016

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You are all dressed up in your weekend best – a cool blouse matched with a pair of Capris and comfy sandals. Even baby is dressed in a white cotton outfit with a matching hat, ready for a relaxing stroll around the park and the mall after that. Now, all you need is a trendy nursery bag for you to pack the things baby needs for that few hours you are out. To help you look your best, Tollyjoy has availed several bright and attractive Nursery Bags that will complement any of your outfits.

For a fun afternoon out, consider getting those with colourful animal designs. Choose between a teddy bear, sheep, rabbit, whale and cow. Not only will you feel and look a lot livelier, you can also turn this into an opportunity to familiarise baby with the bag’s different colours and animal designs.


Besides that, Tollyjoy has also come up with Nursery Bags featuring more serious, yet stylish designs. One such design is a navy blue bag with an adorable teddy bear. It also comes with zipped pockets at the front to make it convenient for you to store and reach for smaller items.

Meanwhile, sweet pink one with a flower design is guaranteed to make your baby girl (and yourself) feel like a princess.

Regardless of which design option and colour you go for, you can be assured that each of Tollyjoy’s Nursery Bags will be able to hold all you need for baby to remain comfortable, clean and happy, as well as keep you looking trendy on your family outings!