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Trick your Baby To Sleep

Sep 19, 2018

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Having a newborn can significantly transform your sleep patterns, and may leave you exhausted and sleep-deprived. However, here are a few tried and tested tricks for you to help your baby sleep better (and preferably through the night!) so you too, can get some quality rest.

A set routine

Babies thrive on routine. Before each nap, make it a point to bring your baby to her cot, close the curtains to set a cosy environment and give her a little cuddle before she falls asleep. You may need a more elaborate routine for nighttime such as giving her a warm bath, swaddling her and perhaps sing to her as she falls asleep. Follow these steps as closely as possible everyday. She will soon recognise these cues and fall asleep when she needs to.

Drowsy, not asleep

Place your baby in her cot when she starts to feel drowsy, not when she is already asleep. This will help her learn to fall asleep independently and may even reduce the number of times she wakes up and cries at night.



Try using a super-absorbent diaper for nighttime to keep her as dry as possible.
Alternatively, change her diaper just before she goes to sleep to minimise discomfort.

White noise

While in the womb, your baby is exposed to all sorts of sounds such as your heartbeat and stomach noises. The sudden silence in her room may be startling for her. So, try playing some white noise or switch on the fan to create some soothing background noises.