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Using the Right Tips

Mar 25, 2016

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For any parent, grooming baby is quite a fun thing to do. This is when you get to cuddle, touch, talk to and even play with baby as much as you want as you are wiping him or her down or when dressing baby up. Grooming time is also made even better when you have all the necessary items with you to ensure baby stays clean and fresh for the rest of the day, such as baby wipes, powder, moisturiser and soft washcloth, to name a few.

Besides these, cotton buds are also very useful and practical items to have on hand. As such, Tollyjoy has made available several kinds of cotton buds that will cater to different parents’ preferences.


Tollyjoy’s Basic Cotton Buds and Extra Fine Cotton Buds are available in two types of packaging – in packet form containing 100 sticks, and in canisters of 200 sticks. Depending on your preference, the Basic Cotton Buds and Extra Fine Cotton Buds are ideal for cleaning baby’s sensitive areas such as around the umbilical cord of a new born, baby’s outer ears, between fingers and toes, and the outer nasal area.

Do remember not to insert the Cotton Buds into baby’s ear canal as you may puncture his or her ear drum, especially if baby is only a few months old. Any build up of wax should come out on its own at some point. Otherwise, consult your doctor for it to be removed safely and professionally.

Nonetheless, if you are experienced parents and/or if baby is older, Tollyjoy’s Cotton Buds with Ear Pick is just the tool for you to clean baby’s ears with. For your convenience, this range of Cotton Buds comes in a box containing 100 sticks.

All three types of Tollyjoy Cotton Buds contain surgical-grade high quality cotton wool to ensure that they are effective, safe and gentle when used on baby’s skin.