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What Does Your Baby Learn In Your Womb?

May 14, 2018

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As you go farther along your pregnancy journey, have you ever wondered what goes on in baby’s mind? Is she aware of you and her surroundings?

An ear for language

If you’ve seen movies of parents-to-be speaking to mummy’s full belly, they may be on to something. Results from a study show that in the last 10 weeks of pregnancy, your baby can not only hear what you are saying to her, but possibly even learn and understand the language you use[1]. What an excellent time to bond with baby through speech to help her build a strong foundation for language!

However, experts cautioned, always speak to baby in soft, relaxing tones so as to not over-stimulate baby’s surroundings.


A taste for food

By the 14th week, your baby’s taste buds will already have developed enough to discern between bitter, sweet and sour flavours in the amniotic fluid[2]. It is also believed that eating flavourful foods can help establish breastfeeding, as your diet affects the flavour of your breastmilk.

So, apart from ensuring that baby gets all the nutrition she needs, you should also consume a wide variety of tastes and flavours so that baby learns to be open to the different food flavours after she is born.

A sensory experience

The womb is indeed a sensory playground for your baby. By 20 weeks, your baby will start to investigate her little world by touching, feeling, moving and pushing the walls of your womb. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of her learning to suck her thumbs and fingers in one of your ultrasound check-ups!