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What Is Safe To Wear During Pregnancy?

If you’re looking for another way to treat yourself whilst pregnant, here’s one: shopping! With your growing bump, you’re probably already scouting for the latest fashions and trends that will set it off nicely. But what’s safe to wear and what’s not?

Comfort first

No matter how good the model in the picture looks or how in-style that particular dress is, it’s imperative that you place comfort first. With your body changing every week, opt for breathable, light and expandable material that will accommodate you better. They are also ideal for hot and humid days as they keep you cooler, allowing you to breathe easier and relax more as you go about your daily activities.

Tummy support

If you start to experience backaches as your belly grows, it may be worth investing in a belly band. Made from stretchy fabric and usually with a Velcro strap to accommodate growing tummies, belly bands wrap under your bump to help support the added weight. This minimises back stress, thus relieving you of backaches.

High heels

If you must, high heels can still be an acceptable part of your ensemble but only until the middle of your second trimester. High heels may not directly harm your baby. Nonetheless, your centre of gravity will shift as you get heavier and with high heels, you’ll have to compromise your balance even more. This increases the chances of you falling, which can harm you and your baby.


Looking good throughout your pregnancy is important. But remember, the safety of you and your baby are even more crucial.