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What is Your Baby Doing Inside?

We tend to imagine all sorts of things about what your baby might be doing inside your tummy: Head-bobbing along when you listen to music, yawning and stretching alongside as you get ready for bedtime, or maybe even nudging you when she thinks things are getting a bit too quiet on the outside. These are certainly fun images, but what can your baby really be up to whilst waiting for the big day?


Exploring her senses

By the fourth month of your pregnancy, your baby would already be able to make faces, stretch, yawn and suck her thumb[1]. She will also start to taste the food that you eat, and hear what is happening on the outside. Your little one may even start smiling after about 26 weeks[2]!

Working out

Between 18-20 weeks, your baby will be testing out her muscle power[3]. This is when you will feel her first few movements in your tummy (called quickening). Your baby will also tend to move a lot more as she grows, and sometimes even nudge you on the inside telling you to move if you’re in a position that makes her uncomfortable.

Getting the hiccups

Speaking of movements, did you know that she can also get the hiccups? Although it is not yet known why this happens, foetal hiccups are normal occurrences which can happen very infrequently throughout your pregnancy to a few times in one day.


Your baby requires a good amount of sleep to help her develop in the womb. And like you, baby too, enters different stages of sleep. When she is in the REM stage (deep sleep), her eyes can move back and forth[4]. Scientists are suspecting that she may even be dreaming – a truly amazing thing to happen!

Going the number 1

Yes, baby will start to pee by the end of the first trimester. By then, she will be able to swallow the amniotic fluid, process it through the kidneys, and expel whatever she doesn’t need back into the uterus as urine.

These are just some of the extraordinary things your baby may be doing as she ‘hangs out’ in the womb. However, if you are feeling any pain or are worried about certain sensations, always consult your gynaecologist. Also, be sure to attend all pre-natal check-ups to ensure that she is progressing as well as she should.

Remember, pregnancy is a special time for both mum and dad to bond; to provide her with all the comfort and care possible in helping her develop healthily before coming out into the world. So have fun and enjoy it as much as you can!