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How To Select Breast Pumps

Mar 20, 2016

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How Do I Select Breast Pumps and How To Use It?

Many studies have shown that there are many health and nutritional benefits associated with breastfeeding baby, as mother’s milk can not only protect baby against illnesses, it can also help to strengthen baby’s immune system. In addition, it can be more economical to breastfeed baby in the long run. However, for mothers that need to go back to work or are not together with their infants for a large part of the day, breast pumps can help. Nonetheless, selecting a breast pump may not be as straightforward at times. With the different types and makes in the market, it is best to know which best suits your needs and is most convenient for you.

Types of breast pumps

Breast pumps are largely divided into three categories – electric, battery operated and manual ones. Electric and battery operated breast pumps are usually preferred by working mothers who need to pump frequently and speedily. Mothers who have difficulty breastfeeding the first few weeks after delivery are also said to benefit from using electric or battery operated pumps as they can help increase milk supply and flow.

Manual breast pumps, on the other hand, are the ideal choice if you only need to pump occasionally, such as when you have to go on long trips or run an errand for the day while leaving baby in the care of a babysitter. Manual breast pumps can give greater control over the suction speed, making it more comfortable for you. They are also usually more affordable than electric or battery operated pumps.

Whatever your preference may be, there are also other important factors to consider when deciding on a particular pump such as whether it is light and small enough to be brought along on outings, its comfort level, ease of use and if it is easy to clean. Also, always keep in mind that it must also be certified safe to use by the relevant bodies, especially if you are leaning towards investing in an electric or battery operated pump.



Using a breast pump

It is quite simple to operate a breast pump, though it may take some time adjusting to the sensation that comes along with it. Each pump is equipped with a breast shield that needs to be placed over the nipple(s). For electric or battery operated pumps, you can then simply switch it on and it will automatically start to pump, imitating baby’s suckling. In most pumps, you would be able to adjust the suction and cycling speed to make it more comfortable for you. For manual pumps, as the name indicates, you would have to manually work the squeeze apparatus, thereby controlling the speed and intensity of the pumping yourself.

When you use the pump, regardless if it is an electric or a manual one, ensure that you use the correct breast shield size and place it in the correct position so that it does not irritate or cause you any discomfort.

Tollyjoy breast pumps and nursing pads

Catering to every mother’s needs, Tollyjoy has made available both battery operated and manual pumps for you to choose from. Tollyjoy’s battery operated pump includes a knob to adjust suction speed and is available together with a tube bottle cover set and teat. The manual pumps, meanwhile, come in two different squeeze mechanism designs, in blue and red respectively. As with the battery operated pumps, the manual ones also come with a bottle cover set and teat.

Safe, durable and easy to use, these pumps are manufactured in compliance with the relevant international health and safety standards. In addition, they are also extremely easy to dismantle, clean and sterilise after each use, allowing you to continue to use them without qualms.

Tollyjoy also understands that mothers who breastfeed tend to experience ‘leakages’ quite often, especially for the first few months of nursing baby. As such, nursing pads are extremely useful to help prevent these leakages from staining the clothes. Tollyjoy’s nursing pads are available in washable and disposable varieties. The washable range comes in packs of two and is made from soft, highly absorbent material, making it extremely comfortable and discreet when used. The disposable nursing pads range is available in packs of 48 pieces. Each disposable nursing pad is made from super soft cotton with polymer gel that locks in moisture. As such, these pads are highly absorbent and help maintain dryness around the area.


Convenient breastfeeding

As you can see, there are many considerations involved when selecting a breast pump that is most suitable for your lifestyle. However, now that you know how each type of breast pump works and how to effectively use it, you can start to invest in one that will effectively meet you and your baby’s needs. It will surely make your life simpler and more convenient. This way, you can then focus on what is most important – caring for baby.